Beautiful Teeth for More Success in Life

Beautiful Teeth for More Success in Life

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It has long been recognized by Hollywood stars and other celebrities: a beautiful smile with bright white teeth opens doors. Why one rises and the other does not depend solely on performance. The appearance has a tremendous impact on careers and life success. A person’s first impression expires in fractions of a second. A study by the University of Michigan showed that attractive faces with beautiful teeth are attributed to successful, intelligent, sociable and powerful stereotypes. 

Since 1986, Psychology Prof. Mikki Hebl, Rice University, has been regularly interviewing executives on the extent to which they assess the influence of outward appearance on careers. Conclusion of the current survey: beautiful people who are invited to the interview, are typically selected and then have more opportunities to make a career. 

Symmetrical facial features, a slender body, intact skin, a harmonious row of teeth and white teeth are considered beautiful, 51 percent of respondents said that beautiful teeth are very important to them in a study conducted by proDente in the spring of 2005. Just as many said they were very dissatisfied with their teeth. But you can do something about this. 

If the teeth are healthy and only discolored, in practice a professional bleaching is often enough to make the smile and the teeth shine. Tooth whitening or whitening refers to all measures used for optical teeth whitening. This is usually done for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons. In general, teeth whitening is about eliminating tooth discoloration and reducing certain bacteria on the tooth surface. Some experts only use controlled bleaching methods in their practice. These include proven methods like Zoom Teeth Whitening and Opalescence. 

Teeth whitening is basically possible for anyone who wants bright teeth. As part of our preventive practice and a thorough preliminary examination, we can determine the color of your teeth and analyze the causes of dental discoloration. With what degree of brightening you can count in which time it can be determined. If we detect any teeth or gums diseases, we usually need to treat them before teeth are whitened. 

The cost of teeth whitening varies between $280.00 and $560.00 depending on the method and objective. The differences are the degree of lightening to be achieved and the duration of the effect. In the context of prophylaxis, any dental implant services Wichita KS would advise you in practice. 

If the teeth’s smile does not correspond to our beauty ideal with regard to the teeth’s position, even in adulthood this can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Such treatment lasts about 6-14 months and can be performed with transparent splints or barely visible brackets. 

Experts can manufacture and use ceramic crowns and ceramic veneers in one session with CEREC CadCam technology. Damaged and crooked teeth can be molded as quickly as possible into a perfect “smile.” Often gentle even without spraying or grinding. 

The investment pays off: you earn up to five percent more with the same qualifications if you look good. That’s what the University of Texas’ Daniel Hamermesh found out. No wonder this is increasingly being claimed for the funding of the career smile. Practitioners may recommend the PVS service. But basically, the best investment in your own teeth is always a professional health program because healthy teeth and gums are the basis for beautiful teeth.