Better Oral Health For A Longer Life

Better Oral Health For A Longer Life

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In the United States, millions of individuals how to properly care for their oral health. Over time, these individuals who fail to care for their oral health end up developing tooth decay so bad that they could possibly lose their teeth. According to the CDC, studies show that between the years of 2011 and 2014, there were more than 18 percent of adolescents who had dental caries that were left untreated. Also, there were approximately more than 31 percent of adults who had untreated dental caries causing issues later on in their lives. Many people in the United States don’t realize the importance of keeping up with your oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is not just important to maintain because of having bad breath or tooth decay, but it is also important because your oral health is actually connected to your overall medical health. Surprisingly, there has been a significant amount of studies out that show how your oral health is actually a gateway to your overall medical conditions. You are able to learn a lot about your health by simply examining the condition of your mouth. If you are looking to live a healthy life, then you may want to consider making your dental check-ups a part of your necessary routine. 

Surprisingly, research has found that your condition of your oral health can in fact be linked to your medical health. Referring to Mayo Clinic, studies have found that your oral health may be contributing to certain diseases and conditions such as: endocarditis, heart disease, your pregnancy, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, osteoporosis and even certain mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Not only is it critical to maintain good oral hygiene on a daily basis, but it is critical for individuals to avoid the use of tobacco products, make brushing and flossing a priority in your day, eating a healthy meal, replacing your toothbrush regularly and most importantly, seeing your dentist regularly for exams and cleanings. Seeing your dentist regularly can help prevent most serious oral health conditions by catching these certain diseases earlier on. 

If you have been looking for ways to improve your overall medical health, then you may want to start with improving your oral hygiene and oral health conditions. Improving your oral hygiene and your oral health can definitely improve your overall medical health. There are also many different types of diseases and conditions that your dentist may catch that you never knew about all from examining your mouth. Take time to consider looking for your nearest dental clinic norfolk ne

Your oral health is more important than you think. Not only can your oral health cause you a significant amount of pain and problems in the future, but it can also tell you a lot about how healthy you are. Surprisingly, your oral conditions can give you more information about your overall health and well-being. Make regular dental visits a priority in your life for a longer and healthier life.