Choosing the Most Effective Orthodontic Treatment

Choosing the Most Effective Orthodontic Treatment

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For most candidates looking for an easy way to straighten teeth, the popularity of new invisible braces appears to be a more affordable solution. It seemed like an easy solution, but many dentists are saying these modern aligners are not a fit-for-all. Most corrections are a lot more complex. 

The Complexity of Good Orthodontics 

By nature, there are big differences in the position of the teeth and jaw as well as in the shape of teeth and jaws. When it comes to choosing adult braces Fresno CA dentists say while many patients would prefer those modern choices, there are disadvantages. One of the challenges of wearing braces is that you need to take extra care of your teeth and gums. 

Everyone has plaque and bacteria in their mouths. However, if these are not removed by regular and effective brushing, they can form deposits and lead to gum irritation and subsequently to red, swollen gums and bleeding gums, all of which are symptoms of gum disease. 

For one, good oral hygiene is crucial, especially while wearing braces. Patients should not have any sugary drinks during the treatment, as this promotes tooth decay and thus affects their dental health. Not only is more cleaning of the mouth required, but you also need regular cleaning of these clear aligners, with a prosthetic brush. Dentists are finding that patients become more neglectful because they have an additional appliance to take care of, and without proper cleaning, bacteria can flourish. 

Developing Plaque and Gum Disease 

Did you know that there are estimated to be over 300 types of bacteria in the mouth? However, this is perfectly normal and only a small proportion of these bacteria can cause tooth decay or gum disease. 

But even a moderate incidence of bacteria can be sufficient to inflame the gums if they can accumulate to plaque. If nothing is done, there can be a variety of problems – from bleeding gums or swollen gums due to gingivitis to more serious problems such as periodontal disease to tooth loss. Unfortunately, patients with braces are more prone to gum disease, and with these new modern aligners that require fewer dental interactions, patients have become more neglectful of their oral care. When you visit the dentist for brace adjustments, you also get a complete oral checkup to make sure your gums are healthy, and this is why you have to be more diligent with the new aligners. 

Plaque and bacteria are among the most common causes of gum disease. The toxins released by the bacteria can ignite and damage the surrounding gingival tissue. This causes the body to bleed the affected area more. This can lead to bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. 

If dental plaque is not removed daily with a toothbrush and dental floss, it can ultimately harden into tartar. It is a crusty substance that accumulates around the gum line and adheres tightly to the teeth. This makes it difficult to clean the teeth. 

You can also prevent plaque accumulation with regular dental check-ups. Professionals are equipped to keeping bacterial under control. Straightening the teeth with dental appliances takes commitment, and before deciding upon the most effective method for you, consider the advantages and any downfalls.