How Technology is Changing Dentistry

How Technology is Changing Dentistry

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Nobody enjoys going to the dentist. The injections, drills, as well as the menacing tools, are pretty scary even to the toughest of men. Also, a severe toothache could feel like the end of this world. This makes a visit to the dentist pretty unavoidable. The great news is that visiting a dentist won’t be scary or as painful as it was in the past, thanks to technology. It’s transforming the dentistry industry for the better. Modern advanced dental technologies assist dentists to create a dental care experience for their patients. Here’s how. 

Digital dentistry 

Digital dentistry refers to any dental technology that uses computer-controlled components instead of being mechanical alone. Computer-aided designs are a conventional example. Other areas of digital dentistry are such as lasers, digital radiography, and intraoral photography. Electronic record keeping and data analysis are also options revolutionizing treatment and prevention methods in the dentistry world. 

Tech-Enabled Diagnosis and Treatment 

The diagnosis, as well as dental treatment issues, will improve substantially. Currently, many dentists use soft tissue laser not only for minor gums but surgeries too. Soon, these procedures will be carried out by machines. The speedy dental drills can be replaced by controlled mirrors used to eliminate tooth decay. Moreover, new biomaterials are now being used to fill cavities besides allowing them to heal by themselves. This can prevent the painful process of a root canal. 


3D printing offers a buzz in various healthcare sectors, especially in the dental industry. The current technology utilizes CAD/CAM to granulate a tooth from a 3D scan for those who need a cap or a dental bridge. The next step is usually the inclusion of bioprinting as well as 3D printing. Some research centers are working with various recipes that can include tooth decay-fighting chemicals to the printed 3D teeth. Other people are a step ahead in creating sensors that will detect multiple oral issues from the dental formula to the tissue as well as the patient’s mouth tissue or saliva. 

Enhancing Easy Access to Better Healthcare 

Some technological developments allow users to do the preliminary scanning at home or community health clinic using your smartphone. Such technologies assist in democratizing oral and dental care thereby allowing those who reside in remote areas to access diagnosis for fundamental dental problems. You can upload your information as well as scans online, thus getting an analysis of your dental health from a qualified physician. 

Invisible Braces 

Even though additional training is needed for orthodontics, multiple dental problems subject patients to invisible braces via Invisalign, a revolutionary option for straightening teeth without advertising to your friends that you’re wearing braces. Many Kids dentistry saint Matthews ky services are available. These clinics offer invisible braces at good prices.

Sedation Dentistry 

Oral sedation dentistry is currently being used by more dentistss safer. Compared to traditional IV sedation, oral sedation needs no needles. The patient can instantly respond to the dental practitioner. This is especially helpful for patients who avoid trips because of the anxiety associated with seating on the dental chair.