How To Take Care of a Dental Implant

How To Take Care of a Dental Implant

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Dental implants have become a popular restoration in recent years. The advantage of an implant is that no other teeth are affected when it is placed. Therefore, a single missing tooth can be replaced without having to compromise the integrity of other teeth. Those who have Brooklyn dental implants may wonder how to care for these restorations, as proper care can help increase the longevity. It is important that patients understand the importance of brushing and flossing daily, having regular dental cleanings and having regular dental x-rays.

Brush and Floss Daily

An implant should be cleaned at home like any other tooth. The crown that is placed on the implant will look like the other teeth and can be treated the same. Fluoride toothpaste should be used at least twice daily, but it is ideal to brush after every meal. Flossing is important for all teeth but especially for dental implants. The floss can glide under the crown to clean around the implant itself. This helps keep food debris and plaque from affecting the gums.

Have Regular Dental Cleanings

It is important that a patient with a dental implant have regular dental cleanings. There are some areas of plaque and calculus that cannot be effectively cleaned by a patient, so a little help from a hygienist is needed. At this type of appointment, the hygienist should use special instruments that will not scratch the surface of the implant. He or she may use a special water instrument to flush around the implant to make sure everything is sparkly clean.

Have Regular Dental X-rays

A dental X-ray can show a lot about the teeth that visual examination cannot. An X-ray can give a dentist valuable insight about the health of an implant; with this type of picture, he or she can see if the implant is secure in the bone and if any bone loss has occurred. It is important that a patient follow the recommended schedule for having dental X-rays taken. They are safer than ever and are a valuable tool for the dentist to use.

Dental care is especially important for patients with dental implants to monitor the success of treatment. It is important that patients seek this necessary service and understand why it is needed. When a patient commits to the proper care of an implant after placement, it is a restoration that can be enjoyed for a long time.