The Use of Braces to Guarantee Healthy Development of Kids.

The Use of Braces to Guarantee Healthy Development of Kids.

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Braces refer to any appliances used to support a body part. Braces in kids are orthodontic appliances, usually metallic wires used to exert pressure on and straighten teeth. Kids look at braces for kids cincinnati oh from different perspectives. Some have no problem with braces while others consider them as stressful because they care about their looks.

Common Types of Braces in Kids.

Braces in kids come in different types and sizes. The type of braces to be used depends on the liking of the kid, the price and advice from the dentist. The first type of braces in kids is known as the traditional braces or metal braces. These are metallic wires and brackets that are pictured by most people upon hearing the word “braces.”

Conversely, modern metal braces are less noticeable because they are smaller in size compared to the traditional metal braces. Also, the latest heat-activated arch-wires make use of a person’s body heat to assist the teeth in moving to their required position more rapidly and less painfully. The main advantage of these braces is that they are the least expensive braces. They also grant the children an opportunity to express themselves because they have colored bands. However, their main disadvantage is that they are the most noticeable braces in kids.

The second type of braces in kids is the ceramic braces. They are of a similar shape and size as metal braces. Their only difference is that they have clear or tooth-colored brackets that blend with the teeth. Some even have tooth-colored wires to ensure they are less noticeable. Their main advantages are: they are less noticeable compared to metal braces, and they straighten teeth much quicker compared to other braces like plastic aligners. However, they are costlier than metal braces, and they can easily get stained if not taken care of.

Thirdly, dentists use lingual braces in kids. These braces are similar to metal braces. However, their wires and brackets are placed on the inner side of the teeth. They are mainly preferred because they are not visible from the outside. They also come with disadvantages which include: the high cost of purchase, inappropriateness for severe cases and discomfort in the first instance, and difficulty in adjustment compared to the traditional braces. The last type of braces is known as Invisalign. This is made up of a series of about 18-30 customized clear plastic aligners. These aligners can be removed by the user and require replacement every two weeks. On top of being almost invisible, they also do not regulate the intake of any food. However, they will not solve serious dental issues on top of being expensive and taking longer to treat the problem.

Braces in kids can be dreadful for parents and children. However, braces guarantee a healthy smile and growth. This is because crooked teeth may be an indication of developmental problems in children and can negatively influence the kids’ posture, sleep habits and breathing.