Four hockey training drills

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Over the last few years, hockey has become more popular, with children and adults both participating in the game. The beauty of hockey and one of the reasons it’s become so popular is that it doesn’t need a lot of equipment to be able to play.

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When it comes to actually playing the game, there are multiple ways of learning to train, such as watching hockey training drill videos. Here we are going to look at four of the top hockey training drills you can try the next time you are on the pitch.


Every position on the field should have some sort of training in shooting. Practicing shooting even when a player isn’t in a shooting position means that you can increase your speed and accuracy. This not only works when going to score a goal, but also sharpens a player’s pushing and hitting skills, which are used to pass. Being able to score great goals is an amazing skill even for defensive players and takes a while to perfect.

Hit the cone

Accuracy is one of the main skills of hockey, and this is the perfect training drill to get better at it. All the player needs to do is place a cone within the goal area and proceed to try and hit it. You can move the cone around as the training continues to practice harder and harder shots. There are plenty of examples of training using cones in hockey training drill videos.

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Piggy in the middle

A childhood classic takes on a new hockey twist when it’s used to train passing. One player stands in the middle as two or more try to pass the ball to each other without the ‘piggy’ intercepting the ball. Keep swapping out the piggy in the middle regularly so that every player gets a chance to practice their passing, as it is an integral part of the game. You can visit Sportplan for hockey training drill videos involving fun games like this one.

Keepie uppies

Focus is a big part of hockey and keepie uppies can help you keep that focus when playing a game. Simply bounce the ball on the end of your hockey stick, keeping it in control and without the ball dropping, to get better with your hockey accuracy.