Getting a hair transplant in Singapore

Getting a hair transplant in Singapore

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Hair transplant clinics in Singapore contribute to influx of medical tourists to the country. Besides Singapore, hot spots for hair transplants worldwide are Turkey, South America and Hong Kong. In fact, South America, Hong Kong and Singapore are popular for all cosmetic treatments. Clinics in Singapore have both the state of the art technology and top of the line professionals to perform hair transplant procedure. Fittingly, the keyword ‘Hair transplant Singapore’ gets at least 1000 monthly searches on Google.

What are the costs of hair transplant procedure?

Firstly, you need to pay for the grafts. Each graft doesn’t necessarily have to be a hairline graft with just 1 hair. A lot of them have a double pair or four hairs in it. Moderate level of baldness makes you lack at least 2000 grafts. Extreme baldness makes you require 3000-3600 grafts. At starting stage of baldness, you may require 800 -1200 grafts.

Not just the number of grafts, the life of graft matters too. Life of grafts is low in case of poorly done procedures. It’s a classic case of ‘less is expensive’. Though you pay low for such substandard procedure, you will have to pay again when the grafts fall. In a properly done procedure, the grafts live up to 40 years. Moreover, grafts come in a finite number and you don’t want to waste as many.

Secondly, surgeon’s fees impact the cost of the procedure. Top professionals do charge more and it’s harder to get an appointment. However, they ensure the hair transplant is properly done. Not just the life of graft, they make sure, you look a lot better. The procedure supports non-transplanted hair as well. Going by looks, you are going to look amazing than ever.

Thirdly, costs of the graft matters as much as anything else. Each graft would cost you in range of $6-$8. It is for the standard manual FUE procedure. The robotic FUE or the ARTAS will cost $9-$12 per graft. The success rate is over 98% in the later. The former doesn’t lack too behind at 96%. A manual hair transplant involving 1000 follicles costs you up to $5000. The same with ARTAS brings up the costs to $14,000.

Hair Transplant vs. Salon sessions                                         

Every ABC salon offers hair loss treatments of theirs. Additionally, hair trichologists offers a similar type of treatment. Each session costs $100 on average. Pushed for 50 sessions, you end up paying $5000 for treatments with no proven results. A successful hair transplant at $5000 gives you proven results that last for 40 years. Why would you turn down on lifetime fix option?


The bottomline is you need to get the hair transplant by finding the best hair transplant clinic in Singapore such as Terra Medical. Poorly done procedures are more trouble than worth. Above all, the earlier you opt for the procedure, the more money you get to save. Evaluate yourself as a patient before choosing hair transplant option. Consulting with your doctor helps assess the situation better. Grow back your hair and regain your youth.