Promo Hand Sanitizers Are Useful Items That Help Prospects Combat Coronavirus

Promo Hand Sanitizers Are Useful Items That Help Prospects Combat Coronavirus

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Promotional products are a cost-effective way to reach customers far and wide. It is an economical marketing technique that allows driving customers. Small and even start-up businesses choose promotional products for grabbing potential customer’s attention. According to studies, it is revealed that 85% of promotional product receivers do business with the promoter. 89% of receivers remember the promoter even 2 years after they received the promotional product. So, promotional products are a crucial marketing method.

The golden rule for marketers is to choose promo items that can be used regularly. The common ones are mousepads, calendars, pens, lip balms, water bottles, etc. You can get creative and choose a hand hygiene option like hand sanitizers in this COVID-19 situation.

It is recommended to wash your hands regularly with water and soap to prevent infection. When you are in situations where water and soap are unavailable, then hand sanitizer is a great solution. Business meetings include a handshake, but in this coronavirus pandemic, it is better to maintain isolation. Due to a practice handshakes happen, so it is better to hand out hand sanitizer giveaways to employees, attendees at the meetings, your business partners for health and safety.

Ensure to invest in good quality hand sanitizer for the promotion of your brand. The Custom Earth Promo is the best shop to visit for buying sanitizing promo products like sprays, wet wipes, bottled gel, and clip-on. Custom hand sanitizer available in bulk can be purchased at discounted rates. You can hand it during marketing campaigns, at trade shows, corporate events, and more.

What to look for in promo hand sanitizers?

According to the CDC, the hand sanitizer designed to combat germs and infections needs to comprise 70% Isopropyl or 60% Ethyl alcohol. The other ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, distilled sterile water, and glycerin must be FDA approved. Health officials suggest avoiding Benzalkonium Chloride that replaces alcohol because it is not capable to kill specific viruses and bacteria.

Give away is convenient to the receivers

  • Alcohol-based promo hand sanitizers make a great gift for travel and health-related occasions. For example, sports and games events, where water and soap are hard to access.
  • Clip-on sanitizers can help to keep hands germ-free on-the-go. The receiver clicks them on their keychain, backpack, handbag, or belt for quick access. A great option for people who enjoy regular outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking, walking, and running.
  • A small size user-friendly hand-sanitizer bottle is an appealing giveaway as receivers can take it anywhere.

Give away is a great item to the promoters

  • Your brand can build a firm reputation with customized hand sanitizer in any form like wet wipes or bottled gel. People get attached emotionally to brands that are concerned about the community’s health and safety.
  • It is a perfect item that is used every day. An interesting logo print on the exterior will certainly grab attention and enhance brand awareness.
  • With the right message and contact details, your business gets a competitive edge.

Promote hand hygiene giving alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Buy them in bulk, today!