Home Health Agencies As Per Your Requirement Now

Home Health Agencies As Per Your Requirement Now

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The objective was to describe the benefits of home care for older people with chronic damage through systematic reviews. There are articles made up of the month, spanning from 1825 years old, with a follow-up of 3 months to 10 years and all comparing care in the home with other types of care. It is a predominance of men in the studied women and heart failure as the underlying disease. Patients who received care in their home had a lower mortality. As for those who are ill, the promise of days of hospitalization, functional capacity and quality of life, home care yields results similar to those of another type of care. The attention in the house was of smaller coast. The results are unanimous, and further studies are needed on the effectiveness of these interventions.


  • Monitoring and assistance to partially dependent elderly;
  • Patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, stroke and other limitations;
  • Bedridden elderly and totally dependent on daily life activities

Home care

Care provided by a qualified multidisciplinary team according to the clinical needs of the patient. This home care can vary between 6, 12 and 24 hours and has a full team, by clinical indication: – nurses, nursing technicians, doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, etc.

Follow-ups of pregnant women, newborns, premature babies

Assistance by caregivers or nursing technicians in the activities of the Elderly as prevention of falls and accidents, offering company, always with the guidance of nurses, 24 hours a day.

Accompaniment of the whole team, in cases that require palliative care, offering comfort to the patient, support to the family.Professionals are trained to work with psychological, spiritual and cultural issues, particular to each family.

24 hour telephone support by nurses for corrections of adverse situations

The main home activities are: baths, dressing changes, oral and intravenous medication, change of position, catheter replacement, mobilization, stitch removal and other procedures. These procedures are always performed by qualified and nurse-oriented professionals for up to 24 hours.

Service Value

Of course, the choice of company cannot be based on price, because if you use only this criterion, you may be disappointed not to have the service you expect. However, the value of the service should fit your budget.

Quality of care

Notice how the clinic staff treats patients during consultations. It is no use for a company to have a team of the best doctors if they sin when it comes to serving patients. Older people need a lot of patience and attention, so when taking your relative for an assessment, look at the friendliness of the health professionals.

Clinic prestige

The name of the clinic in the market also counts points when choosing a home care service. Of course you do not have to choose the best known brand in the market, but look for references about the services provided by the clinic. Visiting websites, blogs and pages on social networks is a great way to know a company’s reputation.

As you have seen, home health agencies near me is a good alternative to care for the health of the elderly, but you must carefully choose the company responsible for providing this service. This is because older people need special attention and the hired staff must be prepared for it.

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