Shopping Guide For An Air Purifier

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It goes without saying that in order to stay healthy, you need to breathe in the pollution free air. If you are an indoor person and thinks that you are quite protected then it is just your fantasy. Do you know that the tight sealing of your house for making it more comfortable and saving energy is actually making your indoor more polluted? The air inside your house is almost 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air. According to a research, an average person spends almost 90% of his life indoor. So it means you are breathing more polluted air indoors as compared to outdoors.

This arises the need of a quality air purifier. Now there are so many air purifiers in the market that its shopping could be very frustrating and confusing. It must be shocking for you to hear that there are some air purifiers in the market that releases far more harmful things like ozone than you can imagine. Ozone irritates the lungs and it can be especially dangerous to asthma patients. So you need to buy a completely safe yet effective air purifier that would also be energy efficient.

Here is a small shopping guide for those who are first time buying an air purifier for their home.

What is the quality of air purifier?

When searching for it, make sure you are buying from an authentic company like ecoquest air purifier. There are many low quality air purifiers available in the market that would sound cheap price but in actual they are less efficient. This is a not something that you buy on daily basis so spend your money wisely.

What is the area coverage?

With every air purifier, it is always mentioned the area that it can cover. Measure your room in square foot where you intend to place it and make sure that the square footage of the air purifier is either same or slightly more. If you buy with less area coverage then it means the air is not properly purified and you are not as protected as you are thinking.

What is the Clean air delivery rate?

Next thing that you need to consider is to check CADR which stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It tells the amount of air that is being purified as well as how well it is done. Air purifiers having this feature are tested by AHAM (The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) and must have their certified seal present. There are also CADR numbers mentioned mainly for three common pollutants that is dust, nicotine smoke and pollen. The lower the rating of CADR, the less effective purifier is against that pollutant. So aim for higher number.

What is the price factor?

You must know there is a complete range of purifiers available from affordable to expensive ones. If you have a small space and you are buying air purifier with less capacity then you can get it in extremely low price. But if you are searching for big place then be ready to spend more money.

Buying an air purifier is not so difficult if you do a little bit of research in advance.

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