What to Look for in an Assisted Living Care Facility

What to Look for in an Assisted Living Care Facility

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Many of us have watched our loved ones get older. The hope is to be able to care for them on your own or to have them move in with someone of the family. The even bigger hope is they don’t have to give up their independence and can manage to live their full life in the home they have called home for however long. Many cases though, that isn’t the case. Assisted living is something one might have to consider for an elderly loved one. If that is something you are leaning towards, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best place for that special person in your life. 


It’s important with anyone who is going to be placed in a nursing home or an assisted living care white plains ny facility to have visitors. Having visitors who visit them on a regular basis helps them to keep their hopes high and diminishes the chance of depression as many residents get when they come to a home. Finding a place near where a person who would visit lives can help as they won’t feel as though they are driving long distances to check in on the person being admitted. It’s also wise to have someone check in on them to let the facility know the person is loved and their care won’t fall through the cracks. 


The biggest thing a person has to consider is how much it’s going to cost them. Insurance companies can be tricky. You have to look at what care they need as well as what would be covered. You can usually check on the insurance company’s website to locate facilities in the area that are supported within the coverage the person has. It’s wise to seek someone who understands the insurance side of this to assist you if you aren’t too sure of where to begin. 


It’s beneficial for the person being admitted that the place they are going to go to is a place that offers things for the person to do. The biggest fear for individuals is not only are they going to be forgotten and alone, but they aren’t going to have anything to do and will just sit and wither away. Many places offer a wide variety of activities. Many have salons for the women who like to keep up their appearance. Others take the more able bodied people out to go shopping or to a movie. They use vans or buses the home has. Others have activity assistants who are constantly planning games and other forms of entertainment including church for those who are bound to the home. 

These are just some of the major things one must consider when looking into assisted living care. There are still smaller things to think about such as amenities and the care given by the staff. It’s wise to look at a few places; not just one. It’s also wise to do a guided tour. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to take your time.

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