A deeper understanding of what is an exercise physiologist

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When it comes to your health, you can not take any risk or any chance. You need to know the right tricks from the professionals always to stay healthy. Exercise physiology is a kind of study of our body and how our body responds to different types of exercises, especially intense workouts. You need to visit the personal fitness training center that emphasizes specially on exercise physiology and offer you the luxury of having an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled exercise physiologist to work on your health.

Understand the work of exercise physiologists

If you want to know what is an exercise physiologist, you will understand that exercise physiologists are allied health professionals. They have extensive training in this field and they understand how our body responds to different exercises.

You cannot mix them up with a gym trainer or a personal trainer but they are far more than that. They are educated tertiary, have extensive knowledge of the human body and understand what type of impact an exercise can leave physically or mentally on them. They work in the sports genre, occupational rehabilitations, hospitals, clubs or even in the gyms but more professionally.

Exercise physiologists work with people who can be affected by different types of health issues like stroke, heart disease, neurological conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer etc. Even some physical activities are important for those people but they need to understand which is right for them to improve mobility or to improve heart health. They usually analyze the patient’s medical history and then suggest the right exercise for them, which will not harm their body or health but will help to improve good health. They assess the risk of a patient during an exercise and determine the best suitable ones for them. They set the right physical regime as per the health condition of a patient.

What types of responsibilities they have?

  • They perform stress and fitness tests with proper medical tools or equipment. They create and analyze the medical data of the patient also.
  • They can measure the blood pressure level, usage of oxygen, heart rhythm and other health issues that indicate the health condition of a patient.
  • They design and develop the right exercise programs to improve the health of a patient

In one word answer to the question of what is an exercise physiologist, you can say the exercise physiologists will work on developing the overall health of a patient. Many people who are suffering from health issues like pulmonary disease or cardiovascular disease, need to set proper exercise plan, diet plan etc. to improve their health and exercise physiologists can help you best in this sector.

Some of the exercise physiologists work also with primary care doctors. They can prescribe the right exercise plan for their patients and also refer to the skilled exercise physiologist. Then the physiologists work with their patients to develop their specific treatment plans. These plans can help the patients to meet specific fitness or health goal they want to achieve.



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