Causes and Effects of Alcohol on Young Adults

Causes and Effects of Alcohol on Young Adults

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Young adults have serious health hazards from drinking alcohol. Some of the risks are direct because the consumption of alcoholic beverages is dangerous for health. Other risks in the case of young adults are indirect and are linked to the behaviors derived from alcohol consumption. In addition, it shouldn’t be forgotten that alcohol consumption is also illegal for young adults in most countries. In the US, you can only drink alcoholic beverages from the age of 21. In other countries, this age limit varies, but it is generally between 18 and 21 years. If they fall victim to alcohol abuse, addiction treatment for young adults may become necessary. The major risks of drinking for young adults are as follows:


Alcohol is an addictive substance that creates a dependence similar to that of drugs. In the case of young adults, that risk is much greater. A study conducted in the US showed that 47% of people who start drinking before in young adult years develop a dependency at some point throughout their lives.


There are very serious disorders such as cirrhosis, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer whose likelihood of suffering increases with alcohol consumption.


Drinking can speed the process of aging the skin. The skin is one of the organs most affected by the consumption of alcohol.

Sexual Problems

Alcohol consumption can lead to male impotence in males and menstrual disorders in females.

Memory Loss

Frequent alcohol consumption has effects on the brain in the case of young adults. It not only causes memory loss, but it also influences the ability to concentrate and throughout the cognitive process.

Accidents of transit

A large proportion of young adults’ traffic accidents are related to alcohol and drug abuse.

Unwanted pregnancy & STDs

Lack of self-control that causes alcohol can lead to sex without adequate protection.


The euphoria and lack of control that causes the excessive consumption of alcohol can lead young adults to show violent behaviors.

If we try to understand the reasons for young adults’ drinking issues, we can help young adults go through addiction treatment to fight it.

Overcoming Shyness

Alcohol is a sort of drug that may give a temporary boost to one’s confidence, so many young adults fight with their problems of shyness or relationship through drinking.

Social Pressure

In many cases, the society in which young adults live, directly and indirectly, encourages the consumption of alcohol as a test of social success. So, they also imitate that behavior in search of social success.

As they experience the transition between puberty and adulthood, they imitate other adults’ behaviors in the belief that it will make them mature, and alcohol consumption is often placed in that context.

Addiction Treatment for Young Adults

To prevent them from drinking and taking other risk behaviors, it is imperative that parents begin to educate them from an early age.


You have to educate them to be responsible and ensure they understand and assume the risks of certain behaviors.


When they have enough self-esteem, they’re sure of themselves, and it’s much more unlikely that they need external stimuli to feel good or socially related.

If parents find out that they are regular consumers of alcoholic beverages, they should seek professional help. There are associations of alcoholics that can provide young adults with the necessary information for a solution.

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