Forever Young with Facial Enhancements

Forever Young with Facial Enhancements

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Be honest, who of us wants to age gracefully? That expressions doesn’t sit well with most of us because as we see the signs of aging take hold of our bodies, we are reminded of the negatives in life and no one wants to dwell on that. Most likely we can all agree that everyone wants to remain youthful and beautiful for as long as possible. Today, the medical procedures available to remain looking youthful are endless. Let’s examine a few of them. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing: This involves the use of a laser, as the name suggests, to remove uneven or problem areas of the facial skin. This procedures helps with wrinkles, acne and imperfections. Chemical Peels: This involves the use of a chemical solution to remove the outer layers of the skin. This forces your face to produce more cells to replace the old skin thereby recreating a new and more flawless look. 

Microdermabrasion: This involves the use of crystal to exfoliate your facial surface. Exfoliation removes the outer layer of dead cells on skins surface. This procedure encourages your skin to produce new cells creating a more beauty glass skin type look. Dermabrasion: Is very different from Microdermabrasion. This is a much more invasive method of skin removal. Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that involves the use of surgical tools to remove the skins outer layers. This usually involves local anesthetic. As with any surgical procedure the risk of infection and other medical problems may arise. 

Microneedling: This procedure is also known as Collagen induction therapy or skin needling. It involves the use of tiny needles to puncture the skin repeatedly. This treatment is used for acne and scarring, however, research for this type of procedure is still ongoing. Microneedling is sometimes mixed with other therapies to treat hair loss and increase collagen production. Bellafill: This is a procedure injects a collagen substance under the skins cells. This treatment provides immediate effects on the skin causing it to correct wrinkles and acne scars. For more information on this type of treatment you can look up a bellafill las vegas nv

IPL Photorejuvenation: This procedure uses laser treatment, intense pulsating light and PDT to reduce the look of wrinkles, spots and blemishes. The therapy’s aim is the kill off the cells forcing the skin to reproduce a new cells that give the skin a renewed look and it can reduce blemishes and spots. This is a complex treatment but people swear by the results. 


Of course, your first step would be to consult your dermotologist. Determine your skins health and what would be the best procedure based on your skin’s condition. These treatments mentioned above range from causal treatments to surgical procedures. So, it’s important to weight the risks, the price and recovery time carefully. Regardless of whatever treatment you decide to go with you your careful research can aide you in finding a solution that will provide long lasting beauty.


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