Ido Fishman Explains Why So Many Fail Their Fitness Resolutions

Ido Fishman Explains Why So Many Fail Their Fitness Resolutions

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Do you find yourself making promises with yourself in your mind about your fitness? A lot of people do that because they want to be fit and look healthy. However, as unfortunate as it may sound, most of them are not successful with their endeavors. Ido Fishman has always spoken about this issue and why self-accountability usually fails in the case of weight loss, bodybuilding, and other lifestyle changes. He believes a person should join online classes and programs like the ones he offers if they really want to bring healthy changes in their lives.

However, you have to wonder why you can’t just work on yourself and bring about the results that you are going to get with someone’s help. Only an expert can shed light on this matter and there is no other person more suitable to talk about it than Ido Fishman. Let’s see what he has to say about it.

Self-accountability Is No Accountability

The first issue you face when you take it upon yourself to change your lifestyle and live a healthier life is there is no one holding you accountable for your actions. So, if you fail miserably with your resolution and don’t exercise after the first week, there is no one there to tell you what you are doing wrong. You are accountable to yourself in this setting and thus you are accountable to no one. Self-accountability does not really exist if you look at the world around you. For this reason, it makes sense that you join classes where there are people to hold you accountable if you don’t pull your weight.

In fact, most experts recommend that as soon as you start exercising or bringing about any healthy changes in your life, communicate your targets to another person. This way, you will have some fear that you’ll be answerable to that person if you don’t achieve what you promised.

No Pains No Gains

There is this switch inside every human that makes them do things when they have something at stake. When you don’t have anything at stake, you don’t feel the need to participate in it. For example, you wouldn’t care if a business shuts down if you don’t have any shares in it. However, if you have plenty of shares in a business, you will be worried about its growth and progress. In a similar way, when you are working out yourself inside your house, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t succeed in your effort, you lose nothing. On the other hand, when you join an online class or program, you have to pay a fee.

You can’t just let your money go to waste. It is this feeling that makes many people keep going to their classes. Within a few days, you become accustomed to joining your fitness classes and miss them when you have a day off.

Too Much Burden Kills the Dreams

You want to achieve something big in life when you decide you want to lose weight. Ido Fishman says that to achieve that goal, you have to set realistic and small milestone. You can’t just set a huge target and start following it without marking your progress. At the same time, you can’t try to achieve the goal by being extremely hard on yourself. When you burden yourself with too much exercise, you can’t muster up the energy for the next session. You miss one session and then it’s a domino effect i.e. you start missing your workout sessions frequently.

Final Thoughts

The fitness experts like Ido Fishman are there for a reason. They know how to keep people motivated not only with their words but with the help of a workout routine that they feel like going along with for many years. Fitness workouts should never be a onetime thing. They should be a lifestyle change and to make that change, you have to have the right people to help you get started.

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