Shaping Your Breasts To The Size You Want

Shaping Your Breasts To The Size You Want

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When you look in the mirror, you might not always like the person you see. There are sometimes imperfections that you can’t change. Some of the imperfections can be changed with cosmetic surgery. If you have a desire to enhance your appearance, then research the procedure while exploring the benefits that are offered so that you make an informed decision. 

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that is very common among women of all ages. Not only can the procedure lift sagging breasts, but it can also give you the full shape that you desire for a youthful appearance. When you meet with a breast lift la jolla ca surgeon, you should have a general idea in mind of how you want your breasts to look and why you want to have the surgery. Some of the reasons why women have this procedure done include lifting the breasts after losing a significant amount of weight or lifting the breast as they begin to sag lower with age. Keep in mind that the type of surgery and other details will usually depend on your breast size and shape and the health of the muscles underneath your breasts. 

When you arrive at the surgical center or hospital, you’ll get dressed in a gown before being taken back to an area to prepare for the surgery. An IV is started so that the anesthesiologist can give you medications to sedate you for the surgery. General anesthesia is an option if the surgery might take a bit longer than planned or if you have anxiety about only being sedated. 

There are a few different incision patterns that the surgeon can perform depending on the type of lift that is done. A common incision is around the areola. Another is around the areola with a vertical line that goes down from the areola to the crease of the breast. If the surgery is expected to be detailed, then the surgeon might make an incision around the areola and down to the crease of the breast along with another incision that spans horizontally just above the crease of the breast. 

Once the incisions are made in the breasts, then the surgeon will use the information that you discussed before the surgery to perform the breast lift. The tissue in your breast is lifted to achieve the shape that you desire. When the tissue is lifted, the surgeon will ensure that the firmness of the breasts that you want is achieved as well. Once the tissue is in place, then the areola and the nipple are positioned so that they appear natural with the new size and shape of the breast. Areolas that are large can be reduced to provide more of a natural appearance. Any excess skin on the breasts is removed before the surgeon closes the incisions. You will likely have small drain tubes in your breasts until the incisions heal. Avoid lifting heavy objects for a few weeks after surgery or until you are cleared to perform normal activities by your surgeon.

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