The Most Requested Mommy Makeover Procedure

The Most Requested Mommy Makeover Procedure

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More and more women and men have set aside prejudices and hesitations about cosmetic surgery to correct things they do not love about their bodies. At one time, nips and tucks were too costly. But with financing and monthly installment payments, these procedures have become affordable interventions. 

The Most Requested Cosmetic Makeover Procedure 

Over the last decade, there’s been a whopping 200 percent jump in cosmetic procedures, but the Favorited “mommy makeover” trend is abdomnioplasty. When it comes to a tummy tuck Columbus OH moms can have a tighter, flatter stomach with a procedure that takes under three hours.The abdomen is the most common place for fat storage. A tummy tuck targets these fat deposits and then accompanied by liposuction, the procedure even reduces the chances of future fat accumulation in the stomach. With many medical advances, there are various types of the procedure which is based on the extent of the repair that is needed on the abdominal wall, and the skin and fat deposits around the abdomen. 

There are four major types of abdomnioplasty: Partial or Mini-tummy tuck. Only the lower part of the abdominal wall skin is removed. It’s the simplest of the four procedures, and the least invasive. Modified tummy tuck. This is a little more involved but ideal for people with more saggy skin or a minor abdominal muscle wall defect. Surgeons typically use this procedure where only the abdominal wall or only the skin requires repair. Standard tummy tuck. This is the most common procedure. Here, the abdominal wall, skin and muscles are all tightened. The results is a more contoured look. Extended tummy tuck. This procedure addresses the abs, hip, back and sides. Usually after any significant weight loss, the skin will loosely sag and won’t tighten up no matter how much exercise you perform. 

Abdomnioplasty is considered a major surgical procedure, and requires at least a week or two of recovery time. Tummy tucks are same day surgeries that work great for a smoother, flatter abdomen. It gives you a stronger and healthier appearance with a more defined shape. 

Body Contouring Procedures That Compliment Abdominoplasty 

Another popular procedure often requested with a tummy tuck are breast augmentations. Breast size is either increased, decreased, or lifting sagging breasts. Over the years, a woman’s breast will sag due to age/gravity, shifts in weight, or nursing after childbirth. With major advancements in plastic surgery, transforming a breast to it pre-saggy state is rather easy. Another compliment about a breast lift is that stretch marks on the breast can also be removed. 

In many cases, women also opt for a total body lift. This contours the entire body by removing excess fat and skin in order to tone and improve the shape of the body, especially in areas where the skin has poor elasticity. Once the tissue tone is improved, liposuction can be used to remove more fatty deposits in those areas. 

Potential patients should always ask surgeons about any associated risks and complications of any surgical procedure. Be sincere about any fears you may have, and be honest about your present medical history. Pertinent information that you provide could help determine if you’re a good candidate for these procedures.


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