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Medusa is a classified potent hybrid cannabis strain with a pungent bouquet and supremely well-balanced effects. It’s a perfect balanced strain that’s a three-way cross between Misty, White Widow, and Skunk. This cannabis strain can make up 15-20% THC levels, and a 50 Indica / 50 Sativa marijuana hybrid.

Its powerful misty genes that contribute Medusa’s ability to turn people to stone (monster of Greek myth) mixed with sweet flavours and earthy aromatic notes of fresh blueberries, is perfect for evening indulgence.

This cannabis brings forth firm, light  buds, and produces high yields of THC rich flowers. Medusa is well-loved by expert smokers who want to reach the next level. If you are a novice, then be warned because of the stunning effect of this strain hits you within a minute. This hybrid is known for its medical and recreational benefits.


Medusa feminized seeds are the latest addition to the Marijuana harem. This compelling hybrid has developed a strong mix of sedating body effects with balanced and clear cerebral activity. Medical consumers appreciate the Medusa’s ability to combat sleep issues and body pain.

This medium height by hybrid heritage has an average flowering time between 56 and 70 days and is known to produce medium yields in a short period. It flowers early due to its automatic nature and there’s no need to use or give any special lighting schedule as well. It can grow in all environments indoors or outdoors and has good yields despite its average height.

Medusa Feminized seed is a perfect choice because you’ll surely reach your expectations. This very special marijuana plant is very easy to grow. It is always advisable to grow feminized marijuana plants, most especially if you are just starting up. Even well-experienced growers like growing feminized marijuana plants. If you want to get high to the next level, then grow this ganja strain. For sure, you won’t regret your decision if you do smoke it.


The very high effect of the strain makes it a good choice for the expert smokers who want to reach a next level of high. Aside from its strength and high quality, potency, this wonderful strains flavour  is sweet and sticky which makes it one of the marijuana smoker’s favorite.

Since it’s a hybrid cannabis strain which is a result of the breeding process using the genes of the very powerful Misty strain, its overwhelming effect can leave you stunned for a while.


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