Myths About Breast Augmentation Debunked

Myths About Breast Augmentation Debunked

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Breast implants are one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in the United States. Even though it is so common, you probably still have a lot of questions about it and have also probably heard some myths about breast augmentation Bellevue WA that aren’t true. Here are a few things that you should know when getting breast surgery. 

There isn’t a best way to do it. 

Each case is different when it comes to breast augmentation so there is not one size fits all plan when it comes to it. There are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration before choosing what kind of surgery you would like to have performed. Depending on your needs and physical makeup, your doctor might recommend something completely different than he would have for your friend that referred you to them. It’s important to make sure that you have a surgeon with good education and experience to make sure that you have the best surgery for you. 

Your breasts may not look exactly like someone’s who had the same procedure. 

Each woman is different and so are her breasts. This means that you may not be able to get the same results as someone else. Everyone’s skin, size, and tissue makeup will impact what the final results are and while your surgeon may be able to come close, no breasts will be the same as someone else’s, so you need to keep reasonable expectations for the surgery. 

You may not need different implant sizes. 

No 2 breasts are exactly the same shape, even on the same person. While you may see a huge difference, chances are it’s not as severe as you think. If a doctor guarantees that they will be able to get both breasts to be exactly the same shape and size, you need to be cautious about using their services. Your surgeon will take your size, shape, and how much skin you have into account when choosing the size of the implants for your procedure. 

Bigger isn’t always better. 

The bigger the breast implants, the more likely you are going to have problems in the future. It’s important to take the advice and opinions of your surgeon into account to make sure that you are choosing the best option for now and the future. Larger implants tend to sag much more than smaller ones during the natural process of aging and this is something that needs to be taken into account to make sure that you will be happy with the surgery years from now as well. 

They have to be replaced sometimes. 

Your implants are not designed to last forever and in order to make sure that you do not develop any problems because of them, it’s important to get them replaced. The implants themselves are created to last for many years, but they can still wear down or have other problems over time especially if you take into account human error.


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