Paying Attention To Critical Preventive Measures

Paying Attention To Critical Preventive Measures

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Smart women know that taking care of their health is vital to maintaining an active lifestyle. And even though regular screenings can detect health issues early, and prevent further complications, many women neglect their health and ignore these tests. According to experts, when it comes to a Womens Health Screening starkville ms communities greatly benefit from early detection of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, and bone density screenings, to name a few. In fact, doctors say, after menopause, many health screenings could save your life. 

Doctors point out that with menopause, estrogens naturally decrease, which contribute to the balance of good and bad cholesterol levels. In fact, nearly 40 percent of menopausal women have high cholesterol levels. With the decrease in hormones after age 50 and the natural aging process, bad cholesterol levels tend to increase. When cholesterol levels begin to rise above the allowed threshold, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques is encouraged. This makes normal blood circulation more difficult, causing various problems in the whole cardio-circulatory system. 

Controlling your diet and lifestyle, particularly the intake of fatty foods can help maintain cholesterol levels during menopause. Other tips like maintaining a normal weight, eating more vegetables and fruit, and eliminating refined sugars from your diet can improve cholesterol levels. Annually, there are nearly 17 million deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease. Doctors say screenings could help with an early diagnosis thereby treating these issues before further complications arise. 

The Periodic Testing Of Cardiac Function 

Especially after a certain age, and under certain physical conditions, it is necessary to undergo specific tests for the heart. In general, cardiovascular diseases could be progressively reduced if we all, at any age, adopt preventive measures. Starting from hypertension (affecting millions of unsuspecting people) to cigarette smoking, age, and diabetes, there are several risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Among these, some relate to the circulatory system (such as stroke, aneurysm, and peripheral vascular diseases) while others affect the heart more closely, such as pericarditis, valvulopathies, and heart attack. Yet, pre-screening and further testing could reduce and eliminate many of these risk factors. Experts say screening is a real specific prevention process to assess the risk of contracting heart disease in men and women over 45 years of age. Testing can identify any heart murmurs or cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, screening can also check parameters such as the maximum and minimum arterial pressure, which will alert doctors to any cardiac disorder. 

Why Bone Density Exams Are Crucial 

Nearly 75 percent of aging women experience some fragility of the bones, which puts you at greater risk of fractures. Doctors say Osteoporosis, which affects bone calcium, is also a growing concern. And while rare, it’s not an exclusive disease for the elderly; a younger female population is becoming affected. Many preventative tests that screen for a wide range of diseases are covered by insurance plans, and they’re vital for long-term health. These tests are quick, non-invasive and can detect problems early and more doctors are pushing for women to become health-conscious and screen early for potential problems.

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