The Role Of A Pediatrician In Your Child’s Life

The Role Of A Pediatrician In Your Child’s Life

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Pediatric medicine is a specialized branch of medicine dealing with children, ages infant to 18-years of age. This branch of medicine deals with pediatric cardiology, critical care of children, endocrinology, hematology, Nephrology, Pediatric surgery, neonatal issues, and more. The specialized doctor in Pediatrics is called a Pediatrician.

What is the Role of a Pediatrician?

This doctor provides care for children who are acutely ill, chronically ill, or terminally ill. Pediatric services Vernon Hills Il provides preventative care and manages physical, mental, and emotional well-being care to healthy children. This doctor’s goal is to dramatically promote healthy lifestyles, control the spread of infectious diseases, and keep their patients free from disease. This doctor works to ease and manage chronic conditions. This doctor takes an active role in working with other specialty doctors, such as cancer doctors, oncologists, and more. The pediatrician is different from adult primary care doctors in many different ways. The body of a child is much smaller than that of an adult thus, medicine options may differ, as does dosages of those medicines. This doctor finds that there is a lack of medication guidelines for children. Legal issues enter into the picture unlike an adult, being treated by a primary care doctor because children are minors until they reach the age of 18-years when the child is now considered an adult and independent in decision-making choices. The doctor may have legal issues such as privacy, legal responsibility, guardianships, foster care clients, and informed consent. 

The Pediatrician may choose to go further into the educational process and become a specialist in Bariatric surgery. They may treat only the ear, nose, and throat. The doctor may opt for other medical areas such as gastrointestinal, orthopedics, plastic surgery urology, or diagnostics. 

What are Some Illnesses the Pediatrician Treats?

This doctor treats infections of all types, cancers, specific organ diseases, injuries, genetic and congenital issues. This doctor’s main goal is to prevent, detect early issues, and manage these issues. The Pediatrician treats behavioral issues, developmental disorders, disabilities in functional status, mental disorders such as seen in anxiety issues and depression, and every stresses. 

Do Pediatricians go to School Longer?

The doctor who pursues a degree in Pediatricians must first earn their degree as a Medical Doctor, then they must complete at least three years of further education in a pediatric residency program to learn how to transform their care to infants, children, teenagers, and finally the young adult of 18-years. The qualified Pediatrician is now eligible for certification by the American Board of Pediatrics, but they must first take a written examination. This doctor must go through this process every seven years. 


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