Use these Cultivation Techniques to increase your Cannabis Harvest

Use these Cultivation Techniques to increase your Cannabis Harvest

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In this article, we are going to explain a couple of cultivation techniques that can help you increase the rate of crop cultivation of cannabis to very high levels. These techniques are for medium or advanced users, who know how to assess the risks of applying them since it requires you to manipulate the plant until it is modified.

How to increase Cannabis Harvest?

Throughout the Growing Cannabis plants, in addition to providing them with the necessary light, humidity, temperature, and fertilizer, we can implement other simple cultivation techniques that will allow us to increase the harvest and have buds in more quantity and/or larger size.

These techniques are very simple and are based on the same principle that requires you to manipulate the plant in such a way that it directs its energy and hormones to important areas in order to increase the harvest.

Remove diseased or damaged leaves

We will start with the simplest technique. If you have some experience growing cannabis, then you may have already practiced this elementary technique to increase the harvest on more than one occasion: removing the bad leaves.

It is only a matter of thinning out those leaves that show signs of disease, necrotizing, or the like. What we will achieve by doing this is that the energy, which the plants use to maintain these leaves, will be dedicated to healthy parts and flower production.

It is not recommended to cut healthy leaves; it is not even very suitable even if you think they are very large and cover the light since in them the plant keeps its reserves and is also capable of filtering certain light in its leaves.

Super cropping

Super cropping is very useful and easy, but the first time it costs. Not because of the complexity of the procedure but because the immediate objective is to stress the plant. You have to tighten and bend it, and that usually goes against our instincts, but the result is excellent, and it manages to increase the cannabis harvest significantly.

To make energy redirection more efficient, it is usually done on the central stem of the largest branches, and on plants over 20 cm. When you know where you are going to implement the technique, grab the stem between your fingertips, squeeze until you feel a crunch and the stem is slightly crushed. That will be enough, and a little water may come out. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Then fold it. And that’s it.

The first beneficiaries are the branches and leaves below the wound, which now receive more energy to develop, and this translates into an increase in the production of buds kratom headache. The fast healing capacity of marijuana also manages to restore the fibers and the vascular system in just a couple of days. And little by little you will see an evident strengthening of the stem, which where it was once bent, is now wide, with a hard knot, and capable of supporting more weight and wind.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, super cropping is a good option also when we want to control the height of the plant or its size. A little silicate can enhance the strengthening effect of this technique cheeba chew deca dose.

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