Your Back-Pain Condition Could Be Worse Than You Think

Your Back-Pain Condition Could Be Worse Than You Think

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Sadly, there are millions of Americans who suffer from having mild to severe pain in their backs. Some people experience pain in their backs due to medical conditions, accidents, injuries, vehicle collisions, and many more. According to the American Chiropractic Association, studies also show that lower back pain has been known to be the single leading cause of people becoming physically disabled around the world. Also, back pain has been known to be one of the main causes for why people are forced to miss work. Also, surprisingly studies show that back pain was one of the common reasons for why people make appointments with their primary physicians. Your back is a very complex structure that contains a number of bones, ligaments, muscles and joints. When you are suffering from having back pain, there could be a number of different conditions that you could be suffering from. There are also many other medical conditions that could cause pain in your back such as an internal organ disease, kidney stones, kidney infections, bone loss, or spinal stenosis. The only way that you can truly know what you are suffering from is by getting properly examined by a medical professional. 

One common condition that can cause severe back pain is referred to as spinal stenosis. According to the ACR, spinal stenosis occurs when the small spinal canal in your back that contains nerve roots become severely compressed. There are many different signs and symptoms of experiencing spinal stenosis. Some of the common signs and symptoms that you may face when suffering from spinal stenosis include the following: numbness or tingling in the hands or legs, weakness in your hands or legs, difficulty walking and balancing, neck pain, bladder dysfunction, weakness in the foot or leg, pain or cramping in one or both legs, and severe back pain. Fortunately, medical professionals have been able to develop various types of treatments for spinal stenosis. You do not have to worry about living your life with spinal stenosis for the rest of your life. 

If you noticed that you have been experiencing a variety of symptoms that indicate spinal stenosis, then make every effort to reach out to your medical professional. It is important to receive a thorough evaluation of your back pain so that your doctor can figure out what treatment is going to work best for your situation. You can start by conducting a general search online for a spinal stenosis venice fl. Once you conduct your research online, you should be able to find a list of medical professionals that specialize in treating spinal stenosis conditions. 

Living a life with severe back pain can definitely be one challenge that you do not want to live with. Spinal stenosis can affect all avenues of your life and can even affect your ability to live on your own. Take time to consider receiving treatment for your spinal stenosis, so that you can be able to move forward and live a happier and healthier life.

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