Clearer Vision By Removing Cataracts

Clearer Vision By Removing Cataracts

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If you notice that your vision is blurry and it sometimes seems like there is a cloudy film over your eyes, then you might need to visit an optometrist who can examine your eyes for cataracts. Surgery to remove cataracts is common and is often performed in an outpatient facility, which means that you won’t need to stay in the hospital. This is a surgery that will allow you to see better so that you can enjoy doing the things you like with your family or at work. 

When you first learn that you have a cataract, you might not need surgery right away. However, most cataracts get larger, which can present issues with your vision. This is the point when surgery would be the best option to consider. Your vision could be blurry or dim. People and objects that you see could also appear as though they have a yellow film over them. When you have a cataract surgery nashville tn doctors perform, these issues should be corrected as soon as you’re able to see clearly out of your eye. Benefits of this kind of surgery include better vision while working and better vision while reading or looking at a computer. If you have a cataract, then it’s likely hard for you to see at night while you’re driving. 

There usually isn’t much that you have to do to prepare for cataract surgery. You will usually have an exam so that the doctor can measure the size of the cataract and determine its exact location. The shape and size of your eyes will be measured as well in order for the correct lens size to be placed in your eye. You usually won’t be able to eat anything for about eight hours before surgery. 

When you arrive at the surgical center, you will be taken back to a room where a nurse will start an IV. This will be used for administering fluids and pain medications. Unlike other surgeries, you will usually be awake for the procedure. However, your eye will be numb so that you can’t feel what the doctor is doing. Medications to help you relax during the surgery can be given as well. It often takes less than an hour for cataract surgery to be completed. A small incision is made at the front of your eye so that the cataract can be removed. The artificial lens is then placed through this incision. The lens is usually plastic or made of silicone. Once the lens is in place, the incision is closed. You’re then taken to recovery so that you can rest until you can go home. Someone will need to remain with you during the procedure and then drive you home. It’s a good idea to have someone with you for the first 24 hours because of the medications that you received to relax you and because you will have a patch over your eye. There are minimal side effects from the surgery. You can usually have the other eye operated on a few weeks after the first as long as you heal well.